Bubble shoulder bag

Bubble shoulder bag


This set of two bags has a very simple design except from the big bubbles that cver the front and the back of the bag to give them a unique style. These shoulder bags are made with 100% recycled cotton cord OEKO-TEX certified. Each bag comes with a snap fastener of 21 mm to keep your belongings safe.  


The thread is imported from all over the world and then re-worked in a small factory in Europe. The recycled textile used to make the thread comes from both landfill and production waste. The production process is also very Planet-friendly because no water or chemicals are used during production. As for the colours the textiles are cut into small pieces and then shredded until a sort of dust is formed. This dust is then mixed with the cord to give it the desired colour. 


The quality of the production of this cord is regulated by the OEKO-TEX standard. This means that the product is tested at every production level and it is not harmful to our health. 


    100% Recycled Cotton Cord OEKO-TEX certified


    Hand wash only:

    • Add some detergent to cold water 
    • Give your piece a gentle squeeze and soak well
    • Rinse it by squeezing it. PLEASE DO NOT TWIST.
    • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to preserve the colour vibrance.

    Ready to be shipped within four days.

    I only use recycled and bio-degradable packaging and all orders are sent with fully tracked deliveries. 


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    Return&refund requests for any other reason than faulty or damaged items will not be accepted.