Chaplin Hat

Chaplin Hat



100% Peruvian Wool hats.

This time I wanted to create a small collection of thirteen hats with a vintage twist. I've always loved the Charlie Chaplin hat shape and decided to recreate it with this very luxurious and sustainable wool. They can be styled with a cosy jumper and coat or with a more sophisticated dress for a night stroll. They are simply perfect for every occasion. 


Please note that the wool is naturally elastic and the hat will adapt to your head without feeling uncomfortable.  


    100% natural, renewable, and totally biodegradable chunky wool.

    I only use 100% mulesing free wool, only from environmentally conscious producers.

    How to dispose of your garment when it reaches the end of its life? In case of this particular kind of wool, as it is a natural fibre it'll break down to its base element and therefore not pollute the oceans and waterways when washed or discarded. And yes, you can even compost your garment!


    Wool is naturally breathable and requires very minimal washing. It is also anti-bacterial and doesn't stink like synthetic fibres, so you don't have to wash it often - drying and airing it out is usually enough. 

    Hand wash only: 

    • Add some wool detergent to luke-warm water 
    • Give your piece a gentle squeeze and soak well
    • Rinse it by squeezing it. PLEASE DO NOT TWIST.
    • Once done, roll in a clean towel to remove excess water and then dry flat

    Ready to be shipped within four days.

    I only use recycled and bio-degradable packaging and all orders are sent with fully tracked deliveries. 


    In adherence with the default return & refund policy of My Ivory Room, you can request a refund if the item is damaged or faulty. To request a refund send an e-mail to

    Return&refund requests for any other reason than faulty or damaged items will not be accepted.